13 Apr 2016

No Desire? You’re Not Alone

Relationships are not an easy task for anyone; they require so many different levels of give-and-take that it’s not surprising that some things fall by the wayside every now and again. And if television relationships are anything to go by, sex is one of those things. A new study conducted by UK researchers shows that 34 percent of the nearly 6700 women surveyed lost interest in sex for at least three months in the past year. Compare that to the 15 percent of 5000 men that experienced the same lack of sex drive.

Among the biggest deterrents for women is poor physical and mental health. What’s even more interesting is that women are four times more likely to lose interest than men after one year in a relationship; men don’t feel the same – their passion doesn’t diminish. If you’re looking for a good reason to rekindle intimacy in your relationship, you should know that sex (at least once a week) slows the ageing process naturally – and it’s an immune system booster.


Celebrating the African Female Figure

There are plenty of women who are terrified to don a bikini at the best of times – but one South African fitness model is planning to live in hers while participating in a television game show filmed in the Maldives. Sbahle Mpisane will soon fly off for the latest series of Tropika Island of Treasure. That may not sound like anything special, but…

Sbahle doesn’t have the stick-thin body that we’re used to seeing – especially on women that spend a lot of time photographing themselves in swimwear. Instead, she describes her body as “thick” and has all the curves you’d expect from an African woman. And, she wants to encourage other women to embrace their bodies and to pursue physical fitness instead of waifish figures. Here’s wishing her the absolute best of luck – with the competition and her upcoming exams!


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